Speak Up! is a cross-European project aimed at integrating young, newly arrived migrants through video, radio production and media literacy trainings leading to media and films festivals!


The Ithaka International Films Festivals

Building on this success of the Ithaka Film Festival in the Netherlands (showcasing short films made by young migrants), we will run the first Ithaka International Film and Media Festival in September 2021, showcasing the work produced by the young migrants throughout the project alongside screenings of other films on migration. These mini-festivals will be slightly different in each country but can include short films, vlogs, podcasts, and presentations of any other media produced under Speak-up! project, alongside talks from invited journalists and experts and screenings of films chosen by the youth participants.

International Experts Meetings

Two international meetings will also take place – one in Utrecht University, the Netherlands and one at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. The meetings will be used to discuss the project activities and how media training can be used to help migrants, both through facilitating their integration and through more responsible media reporting. The expert group will develop a plan for future work and how the Activities (in particular the training and the Ithaka International Film and Media Festival) could be easily exported to other countries.

Instagram Competition

In April 2021 we launched the Ithaka International Instagram Photography Competition. Newly-arrived migrants and youth will be asked to post photographs on the theme of ‘inclusion’ with the hashtag #livingtogether via Instagram, Facebook or email. Twenty winning entries along with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be chosen per country by the panel comprising an expert representative from each country and will be given prizes. The winning entries will all be professionally printed and displayed at the festivals, along with a selection of the winners from other countries.

Trainings for newly arrived migrants and educators

Webinars are organised in all 5 countries for about 100 interested teachers and trainers in their local community discussing the merits of using media production and media literacy trainings for the integration of newly-arrived migrants. At least 13 three-day media training workshops are organised for young, newly-arrived migrants (age 12-26 years) as a way to help them integrate into their new environments and so that they can tell their stories and share information for their community and the broader public. At least 75 young, newly-arrived migrants will be trained in France, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands, and 25 will be trained in Hungary.

Behind the project

Our team

The team behind the project Speak Up! is comprised of 5 non-profit organisations including Common Frames (the Netherlands), KARPOS (Greece), Forma.Azione (Italy), Next Step (Hungary) and ERIM (France).

Our partners

Partners on the Speak Up! project include Mouvement Up! (France), TRACES network (France), Utrecht University (The Netherlands).

Our donors

This project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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